National UAV Bayraktar has completed acceptance testing

25 November 2014

Unmanned air vehicle Bayraktar TB2, successfully accomplished the acceptance tests conducted at the military airport of 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade located in Keşan, in 17-22 November 2014. 6 Bayraktar TB2 UAVs which are to be delivered at first stage, came out successful from the flights that imposed night, foggy medium low visibility, frosty cloud, 83km/h pulsed wind and turbulence conditions. Bayraktar TB2 also landed automatically with a 37km/h pulsed side wind. Other than the performance flights, UAVs perfectly performed semi-automatic control and automatic taxi, take-off, cruise, landing, parking to the committee from the Land Forces Command. It can fly for 30 hours. Bayraktar TB2 climbed to 18000ft with 38kg of payload in 31 minutes although the requirement was 1 hour according to the agreement. 18000ft cruise height specification was surpassed with a 22000ft cruise height by Bayraktar TB2. It can also carry up to 55kg payload. Designed to have 30 hours flight and an operating ceiling of 30000ft, this first national UAV includes a first in the world, triple redundant flight control system, and an electronic double neural network which is another first in the world. Bayraktar TB2 also showed an unknown feature during the acceptance procedures. The UAV used both the American Global Positioning System GPS and the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS. İLKER AKGÜNGÖR / VATAN NEWS CENTER